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No More Physical Delivery

One of the largest costs to a modern cinema is the labour involved in getting the movie on the screen. AutoDelivery will greatly improve this process.

To archive this a site must utilise the D-Cine Agent software. Please see this document for more information on what is required to archive this.

In addition to utilising the D-Cinea Agent software, this service relies on the target cinema having a typical 100mbit NBN internet connection with a contract that can deal with the large amount of traffic it will pull. For example, average size of film is 150gig Example. One new film a week, 4.34524 weeks per month. 150gig times 4.34524 = 651.786gig or bandwidth per month. Make it 700gig to be safe.

It is expected an ingest over the global network will take 12-24 hours per DCP depending on the speed of the network in your region. i.e. it is expected you can easily ingest up to 5-6 films per week.

When this service is made available, it will be offered to distributors as a way to make it easier and much faster in getting DCPs for playback to cinema locations. For those distributors who adopt this service, it will also reduce there costs of allocating a DCP hard drive for your location. It is expected many distributors, but not all, would adopt this service once made available.

The D-Cine Agent software also acts as a LMS server in that you can ingest directly from its storage drive into a DCI-player over the projection network.

Technical detail will be made available for those interested. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this initial rollout. We will contact you with more detail when it becomes available.