Home - cinema-catcher-app is happy to announce the availblity of the cinema-catcher-app. This is a tool used to help manage smaller cinemas with 1-3 screens. It functions as an LMS or Library Management, however, it also supports a number of unique features that makes it especially useful.

As an LMS it can ingest content from a physical hard drive or USB key and make it available to ingest over the network to any DCI-cinema-player. Plus it can also automatically suck in DCP from service entity devices such as a Deluxe-delivery-box, Qube-Wire, or MPS. Any device that offers FTP download. Once downloaded it utilised the industry standard clairmeta quality check (QC) tool to ensure all content coming into a cinema is 100% certified and no form of corruption has been introduced and that the DCP is compatible to player back in your cinema without issue.

cinema-catcher-app” also includes the AutoKDM system that automates ingesting of all KDMs automatically. See more on this tool here.

To install this free tool, please goto the GitHub page that contains the manual and installation instructions.