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Many of the automation tools being made available by D-Cnet.net rely on data interoperability. Or in other words, the easy sharing of data used to allow the automation system to know what they need to do. CSD-JSON is a proposed new industry specific standard to make this happen.

CSD stands for “Cinema Session Data“. JSON is defined as “JavaScript Object Notation” or in other words, a structured message for sharing data.

Session data is used in many services.

  1. Google absorbs session data as so it can be displayed in Google Search Results. See this video for more detail.
  2. AutoPoster uses this data source so it knows what posters to show and when.
  3. Website session times also utilises this data source. WordPress-session-times will also use this data source.

Typically each vendor has developed a custom method to sharing this data. Then building lock-in tools to access this data.

Here at D-Cine.net, we believe this sharing of data should be standardised as so different vendor tools can utilise each others capabilities.

For example, Imagine you swapped out a POS system to another system. Does this mean you also have to install a completely new digital poster system that supports your new POS providers data source? Or should the “Digital Poster System” be able to talk a common JSON protocol to both? We believe this should be the case and so are working on a standards document to archive this.